Do you address your needs? Do you put yourself in his/her shoe?

Do you address your needs? Do you put yourself in his/her shoe?

"The goal of a conflict or dispute should not be victory but progress."

- Joseph Joubert -

To put ourselves in each other’s shoes was one of the behavioral values of my former employer. An increasingly important capability – not just for a mediation process – in a world which needs mutual understanding and bridge builders. 

Mediation can help to find solutions by genuinely understanding the issues between parties. It is flexible, often faster and more cost-effective than litigation and does not produce winners and losers. 

My first professional experience with mediation was more than twenty years ago in Berkeley, California, where I wrote my PhD and my academic coach was a mediator and private judge.

Since then, I am fascinated by mediation. My former employer trained a lot of mediators because mediation offers a huge tool set in our world of less boundaries and constant change. 

Business mediation requires personal skills while legal and commercial expertise help.

As a coach and former lawyer and manager, I combine those areas and like to help the parties involved to find a satisfactory solution to their conflict. I am open to work with the parties alone or with their respective lawyers present. Co-mediation can be a very helpful instrument too.

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