Does your board feel and act like a real team?

Does your board feel and act like a real team?

"The most important thing in communication is hearing what isn't said."

- Peter F. Drucker -

Board assessments are getting more and more popular in line with rapidly increasing demands regarding the well-functioning of the board as a team. 

I have conducted several board assessments for my INSEAD thesis. A striking outcome was that those boards who are conducting reflection sessions have a higher level of psychological safety and dare more easily to address critical issues (speak-up culture). 

Boards are usually not getting a lot of feedback. Reflection sessions are a powerful tool to increase the coherence of a team and to learn as a team. 

There are many ways to address the issue of board performance and board dialogue. It is important to tackle it in a way designed to fit your board. The use of an independent third-party expert to lead the board assessment makes a lot of sense. Third-party experts can provide new and different perspectives and may hear what is not said or only touched upon. 

I would love to support you in conducting such assessments in order for you to get insight on how to further increase your team’s effectiveness.